Netflix desktop Not Starting Fix

Posted by JeremyL on Mon 11 November 2013

I recently setup a new laptop and wanted to add netflix-desktop to it. While I set this laptop up with Arch Linux, this fix will work for any distro that is running to this problem. Netflix-desktop is not a supported project by Netflix, Netflix does not feel Linux support is needed. All the hard work has been done by Erich Hoover and David Andrews.

The symptoms you may hit: Netflix seems to hang forever and never starts. You may also hit the Firefox cannot connect to server.

The issue is that ipv6 is set to true in your firefox's about:config. We need to tweak a few settings and then you will be good to go.

Search for the following and set to True, the default for Firefox is False.

You can now close the about:config page.

Netflix has started pushing towards running through HTML5 instead of using silverlight, which is why we have the wine solution above. Also there is now pipelight, which looks very promising to allowing Netflix, through your default Firefox install in Linux. I will make another post on how to set this up once I have had time to test it more. But you will still have to install the wine-silverlight package to get pipelight to work. Hopefully once Netflix finishes their HTML5 support Linux users can rejoice.