ArchLinuxARM Mirror available now

Posted by JeremyL on Sat 30 November 2013

UPDATE: We are no longer offering a mirror for ALARM. is pleased to announce we are now offering a mirror for ArchLinuxARM. We have setup a server in the Seattle Washington area to help further distribute the load of our favorite Linux ARM Distro. This is an Official mirror and fully supported.

Mirrors Main Mirror Page

ArchLinuxARM Official Mirror Page

ArchLinuxARM Official directory listing for our Mirror.

How can I use this mirror?

Well one of the great things about how ArchLinuxARM has setup their mirrors the default setup is GEOIP based, so if your closest to this box you will automatically be pulling from the new mirror.

That is it, we just want to thank the ArchLinuxARM team for all their hardwork and hope this helps give back in some small way.

If you have yet to give ArchLinuxARM a try on your board, you should give it a fair try. It has a steeper learning curve than some, not as bad as others. It will not only help keep your device more up to date, you will get packages as close to the upstream version as possible. Simple build system to easily expand on the massive package selection already available. All officially supported boards work just the same as any other distro.

You get a very fast, lightweight OS that is exactly how you want it, running only what you want.