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Posted by JeremyL on Tue 03 December 2013

UPDATE: 11/15/2015 ArchAssault is no longer. I personally feel there is no solid replacement so will not be recommending anything. Both current offerings for Arch have their own flaws that should be weighed heavily before even using them. Layers are not the solution!

UPDATE: 2/11/2014
Wilson is officially merged into ArchAssault you will just need to change your Server line in pacman.conf to

Server =$repo/os/$arch

All issues and questions should be forwarded to the ArchAssault project from now on. Thanks for your continued support and patience while the merge took place. We feel you will be very happy with the new results, with many new features planned.

UPDATE: Wilson is in the beginning stages of merging with the ArchAssault project. Stay tuned for a new post announcing the official merge release. In the meantime Wilson will stay live. We feel this will be the best for us in the long run as will put a larger team on the project and will cover all the popular arches and we will be supporting more tools. Thanks for your understanding and never ending support to keep hacking with your drones is proud to announce the release of our Arch Linux ARM repo, Wilson. We have been working on this for a few months now for the public release and to make sure everything is as stable as possible for this first release.

What is Wilson?

So what is Wilson exactly? It is an easy to add on repo to your existing Arch Linux ARM device. Think of it as nothing more than an extension to your existing install, just as if you used the AUR to build everything. We currently have binaries for armv6h and armv7h. We aimed to make Wilson as simple of an add-on as possible. We test our binaries to make sure they do not effect your vanilla Arch Linux ARM install.

Wilson, adds a simple layer to your existing Arch Linux ARM board with access to a vast selection of security, forensics and pen-test tools pre-compiled and easily installed individually or with groups. While all tools in the repo work, there actual functionality will depend greatly on the board being run on and what else the board is doing. Adding this repo can give you as light weight or heavily bloated system all depending on your method of installing packages. If you plan to install the entire 'wilson' group be sure to use a 8GB sd-card at minimum. Currently the only package not available for download is metasploit, this is due to the size of the package itself, you will find all the needed libraries to install yourself (more on the in another post).

Supported Devices

These are the devices that we currently have for testing our repo on.

  1. Beaglebone
  2. Beaglebone Black
  3. Beagleboard-XM
  4. Gumstix Overo
  5. Raspberry Pi

While we only test on the following boards, using the correct architecture should give you the same results on other Arch Linux ARM boards not listed.
*We welcome donations of any board you would like to add to our test group.*
*We are not responsible for your devices*

Tool List

Wilson Tools

Adding Wilson Repo

So how do you add this on?
Add the following to your pacman.conf


SigLevel = Optional
Server =$arch

SigLevel = Optional
Server =$arch

If you have package signing on:

pacman-key -r E0A8FC49

pacman-key --lsign-key E0A8FC49


pacman-key -r 2DE2A08E

pacman-key --lsign-key 2DE2A08E

If you want to learn how to setup package signing by default see our GPG page.

Refresh the pacman cache

sudo pacman -Syy

You can now install any of the packages or categories of your choice. To see our current category list please see this page.

We also have made a meta package that will install a slightly modified LXDE desktop environment. It will install all the needed packages for your board. The only things that have been modified are the menu and a few other defaults. You do NOT need to install this, it was just meant to help those who want a desktop quickly. You will still have to enable your display manager and customizations as usual.

More Info:

GPG Key Page
Repos Page

Stay tuned

Further posts on the repo and tutorials. If there is enough interest I will open up an IRC channel and its own site with wiki.

A Big Thanks to the following projects for inspiration